How to Slay a Dragon – Shareholder Remedies in Malaysia

Within the corporate sphere, there is an ever-present tension between majority rule, where the majority shareholders are allowed to dominate the decision-making process, and that of protection of minority shareholders. Where majority rule is abused and is wielded in the majority’s self-interest rather than the interest of the company, then the minority shareholder may be able to seek court intervention for relief.

I have always found this area of company law fascinating and I will be writing more on this in future. This article will serve as a primer on some of the forms of shareholder remedies, especially in a Malaysian context.

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Law firm job applications and interviews — bootcamp with Office Parrots

On 29 September 2015, I was the featured speaker at a Career Kickstarter Bootcamp, organised by Office Parrots at Brickfields Asia College.

The two-hour event attracted a full-house crowd, made up of students pursuing their law degree and CLP.

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Marcus van Geyzel in Prestige’s “40 under 40” for 2015

I’m really proud to be selected as one of Prestige Malaysia‘s “40 under 40” for 2015. The 2015 edition features a very distinguished and accomplished list of individuals.

MVG prestige small

What a great way to end an exciting year, and what has been a busy but fun ride since taking the leap to start a small law firm in 2013. I hope all of you who’ve been a part of this journey can look back and celebrate with me.

Of course, 2016 will be even more amazing —you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Here’s the magazine feature reproduced in full:

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Draw your own map

Sometimes, you need to ignore what the world tells you.

The world — family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and people you may never speak to more than once — often have good intentions, but most of them speak the language of conformity.

Of the known.

Of their knowns.

Often, to the world, the best path is the path they themselves took. As if life was that simple, that dull — everyone taking the same path.

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Speaking at the Office Parrots Career Kickstarter Bootcamp on 1 December

I will be speaking at Wisma HELP on 1 December at the Office Parrots Career Kickstarter Bootcamp. This is only open to HELP University students. Will be speaking with my friend and former colleague, Jeff Cheong, of Kaodim.

help event

I am looking forward to sharing my experience and perspective as an employer reading through applications from law graduates and interviewing them.

What will grab an employer’s attention in the first few seconds of reading a cover letter or CV? What makes an employer want to call an applicant in for an interview? How do you prepare for the interview?

After the event, I will share on some of my thoughts and tips as well.


Limited Liability Partnerships for Lawyers – A Long Wait

The Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012 came into force in  Malaysia on 26 December 2012. Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) is a useful business vehicle which combines the characteristics of a partnership and a company.


Introduction to LLPs

Cheng Leong explains in more detail some of the features of the LLPs. But in summary, LLPs can be a good option for startups, small and medium enterprises, and in particular, LLPs were also geared towards professionals like lawyers and accountants. This can be seen in the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) website where one of the aims of the LLP Act was to allow professionals to make use of the benefit of the LLP structure. Continue reading

How startups can strive for clarity in contracts

This post is a part of a series based on my Law for Startups workshop at MaGIC in September 2015. It’s a basic introduction to legalities for startup founders. You can access the slides here.

Read the earlier posts for context:

  1. Law for startups in Malaysia — building on the best foundations.
  2. The legal landscape in Malaysia for startups — a hybrid of traditional corporate practices and Silicon Valley models.
  3. Choosing the right business vehicle for your startup or small business in Malaysia.
  4. When should a startup hire a lawyer?
  5. Oversights which could destroy your startup or small business.
  6. The dangers of using “standard” or template legal documents.

A couple of posts ago, I explained the importance of bringing all the issues to the surface when reviewing contracts. This post will explain how to strive for clarity in contracts.

Turn to clear image.
Turn to clear vision.

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