Have coffee with The Malaysian Lawyers!

Careers website Office Parrots are kicking off a new ‘OP Kopi’ feature, and the founders of The Malaysian Lawyer have the honour of being the first invited guests.

It’s an opportunity for law students or recent law graduates to meet us (Lee Shih and Marcus van Geyzel) for a chat over coffee. Edited: Due to popular demand, this event has now been moved to Saturday 23 April 2016 at 11am.

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Lee Shih and Marcus van Geyzel nominated as ‘Young Lawyer of the Year’ at ALB Awards

ALB MLA 2016 hi-res

We’ve received the news that both the lawyers behind The Malaysian Lawyer have been nominated in the ‘Young Lawyer of the Year’ category for the upcoming ALB Malaysia Law Awards 2016 organised by Asian Legal Business.

Needless to say, both Lee Shih and Marcus van Geyzel are honoured and delighted to be nominated, which bears testament to the legal work they’ve done through the years, and their standing within the Malaysian legal community.

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3 Pitfalls that Directors May Face in Winding Up

In my earlier post, I had set out a summary of the winding up law in Malaysia. Now, I touch on the three possible pitfalls and liabilities which directors may face if their company is wound up.  The list is by no means exhaustive but I will only deal with three topics:

  1. The impact on the director’s credit rating.
  2. The need to cooperate with the liquidator.
  3. The possibility of being personally liable for the debts of the wound up company.

Tightrope Walker

As an introduction, the term ‘director’ means any person who holds the position of director by whatever name called. A question I am sometimes asked, especially by the director in trouble, is whether the law will differentiate between an “ordinary” director, and a managing director or executive director. For the purposes of the potential risks and liabilities, the law will not differentiate between any of such directors. All directors can potentially face the same level of liability. Continue reading