is Two!

Two years ago, the first-ever post was published on TML to introduce this new legal blog to the world.

Since then, we have published more than 100 posts (this is the 134th!), including posts from several guest writers.

Through TML, we have had the privilege of meeting new people and being introduced to exciting and unique opportunities.

MVG & Leesh ALB awards

We didn’t have too many expectations for TML, other than for it to feature quality legal content, and for us to have fun writing it! It’s therefore been a bonus to have had more than 850,000+ views from 500,000+ visitors, bearing in mind that this is just a blog by two lawyers writing about (fairly) serious legal issues.

We’d like to thank all our readers for the constant support — especially the 500+ of you who’ve subscribed to us via email. We have some exciting things planned for our third year, so do keep reading!

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