AIAC Webinar – Statutory Rescue: Whether Introducing a COVID-19 Act Can Save the Economy?

On Friday 8 May 2020, I will be moderating a webinar organised by the Asian International Arbitration Centre. The title is “Statutory Rescue: Whether Introducing a COVID-19 Act Can Save the Economy?” This is a free webinar and you can email: [email protected] to register for the Zoom webinar or you can view it on AIAC’s Facebook page.

This session is very relevant as Malaysia’s minister of law has stated that the government has agreed to introduce several COVID-19 bills to be tabled at the July Parliamentary sitting following the effects of Covid-19 on the general public, businesses and companies. This also follows calls from the Malaysian Bar, , REHDA, the House Buyers Association, and by businesses in general for such a stand-alone COVID-19 Act.

The webinar session has an excellent panel lined up: with Sitpah Selvaratnam of Messrs Tommy Thomas, Prakash Pillai of Clyde & Co Singapore and Dato’ Derrick Fernandez of the corporate advisory firm, Sage 3.

Prakash will be able to share his insights from Singapore on the enactment of their COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020. Sitpah and Derrick worked on many Danaharta matters during the Asian Financial Crisis of 1998. Does Malaysia require a stand-alone COVID-19 Act as well? If so, what are the elements that should be incorporated into the Act to best give protection and balance the interests of all stakeholders?

This also follows my earlier BFM interview that a standalone COVID-19 Act is the way forward.

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