Inns of Court Malaysia Webinar: Judicial Management and Corporate Rescue

The Inns of Court Malaysia will be holding another instalment of its flagship event, the ICM Legal Education Series. This webinar is on Friday 22 July 2022 at 4pm. Registration is required. The event is free for Inns of Court Malaysia members and RM50 for non-members.

This talk is titled Judicial Management and Corporate Rescue: Balancing the Rescue of Distressed Companies and the Rights of Creditors.

You may download the poster for email registration or sign up via the Google Forms link.

There has been a lot of interest and demand for a talk on the latest developments in judicial management and corporate rescue law. This is particularly significant with the turmoil in the global markets and with the increasing talk of a recession.

We will hear the perspectives from the Bench, the Bar and the Regulator.

The guest of honour for the talk is the Chief Justice of Malaysia, the Rt. Hon. Tun Tengku Maimun binti Tuan Mat.

The lead convener for this talk is Justice Dato’ Hajah Aliza Sulaiman, Judge of the High Court of Malaya.

Moderating the panel session is Justice Dato’ Ahmad Fairuz Zainol Abidin, Judge of the High Court of Malaya and who sits in the Commercial Division.

The panel speaker from the Bench is Justice Tuan Nadzarin Wok Nordin, Judge of the High Court of Malaya. His Lordship sits in the Insolvency Court and has decided on oft-cited judicial management cases such as Re Scomi Group, Loh Teck Wah v Fintree Capital, and Re Federal Power.

The panel speaker from the Companies Commission of Malaysia is Puan Norhaslinda Salleh. She heads the division dealing with all judicial management and insolvency filing and registration matters.

Finally, I will be speaking from the legal counsel’s perspective. The wider issues and trends I have observed in corporate rescue and restructuring. Where I act for debtors and creditors in an increasingly distressed environment.

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