BFM Interview: Companies Bill 2015 – A Big Bang Approach

About two weeks ago, I had a pre-recorded interview with BFM to share my views on the new Companies Bill 2015.


This morning, the segment was aired as part of its Current Affairs series. You can click on to the podcast.

I generally shared why the new changes are to be welcomed and I traced the long process to arrive where we are at. On the one hand, we adopted the best practices from other jurisdictions. However, I also shared my personal thoughts on certain areas where we could have improved further. Finally, I shared how the different segments of the industry may be worried about the unknown and of the new.

Law for startups in Malaysia — building on the best foundations

The Malaysian startup scene has noticeably increased in vibrancy in the past couple of years. Many of us have friends or relatives who are somehow involved in the startup scene — either as founders or investors.

An increasing number of people — young and not-so-young, and some lawyers too — are moving away from traditional career paths and joining the startup ecosystem.

Other than my involvement with startups and investors via my corporate law practice, I’ve recently been working together with the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (“MaGIC”).

My “Law For Startups” workshop at MA2015.

MaGIC is funded by the Malaysian government, and you can read their mandate here. They are an exciting and ambitious group of people, and they aim to make Malaysia the startup capital of Asia.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been part of a couple of MaGIC initiatives so far this year:

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Companies Bill: Reforming Malaysia’s Corporate Landscape

One of the significant areas I have been regularly speaking on is the upcoming Companies Bill. The Bill will revamp our aging Companies Act 1965 and bring long awaited reforms to our corporate landscape.

At the recent Malaysian Legal and Corporate Conference on 7 October 2015, I gave a short interview to The Edge TV.


I was asked to give a very short summary on some of the changes we could expect in the law:

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