Case Update: Federal Court to Decide If Unsecured Creditors Can Oppose Judicial Management

Lee Shih and Lynn comment on the Federal Court proceedings involving points of law on judicial management

The Federal Court in the case of Million Westlink Sdn Bhd will now decide on an important area on judicial management law. Whether unsecured creditors can appear in an application for a judicial management order and oppose the making of the judicial management order. Leave to the Federal Court was granted on 4 January 2021. Continue reading

Top 5 Arbitration Cases in Malaysia for 2020

We end off our top 5 cases series for 2020 with the top 5 arbitration cases in Malaysia for 2020. I had written about last year’s top 5 arbitration cases for 2019.

This year’s cases range from anti-arbitration injunctions, what amounts to a breach of natural justice for setting aside an arbitral award, adhering to the time limit for the issuance of an award, to the arbitrability of a dispute on the register of transfer of shares. Continue reading

Top 5 Restructuring & Insolvency Cases in Malaysia for 2020

We continue the Top 5 cases series with the top five restructuring & insolvency cases in Malaysia for the year 2020. You can also read the 2019 edition. This year’s cases range from restraining orders, judicial management and voluntary arrangement in bankruptcy. Continue reading

Top 5 Construction Cases in Malaysia for 2020

Our guest author, Kevin Wong, writes on the top 5 construction cases in Malaysia for 2020. The areas covered include when does time run for the calculation of liquidated damages, the Controller of Housing, and cases on the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012 (CIPAA).

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The 10 Amendments to the Rules of Court 2012


I set out the ten amendments to the Rules of Court 2012 (ROC 2012) which comes into force on 15 December 2020. Some of these changes include service of court papers by electronic means, virtual hearings, and the restrictions on adjournments of trials. There are also minor additions to the Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994 (see the Rules of the Court of Appeal (Amendment) 2020) and to the Rules of the Federal Court 1995 (see the Rules of the Federal Court (Amendment) 2020).
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Case Update: Federal Court Decides that Restraining Order Can be Applied Without Notice

The Federal Court in the Mansion Properties decision (see the grounds of judgment dated 24 November 2020) held that the application for a restraining order in a scheme of arrangement can be made ex parte (without notice).

This makes it advantageous for a distressed company to seek urgent moratorium protection through a restraining order. The distressed company can then pursue the debt restructuring in a scheme of arrangement and to have stability.

The Federal Court reversed the Court of Appeal decision. I had covered the Court of Appeal decision in an earlier post. Continue reading