The Litigation Drinks

Towards the end of each year, one of the law firms in Kuala Lumpur will host the ‘Litigation Drinks.’ It is an occasion to bring together members of the litigation Bar closer together, to enjoy in the camaraderie of being fellow members of the Bar despite a year of crossing swords in the courts. I write briefly about the history of the litigation drinks and also feature pictures from this year’s drinks hosted by Skrine.


Brief History

This year’s Litigation Drinks was held on Thursday 3 December 2015 at Vineria, Bangsar Shopping Centre. It saw more than 220 lawyers turning up at the event. I spoke with Christopher Leong of Chooi & Co to ask him more about the history of the Litigation Drinks and of the Litigation Drinks Tankard.

The Litigation Drinks Tankard

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10 Years in the Law: Reflections

Thought as my introductory post, I would share more on my journey as a  lawyer. A month ago marked my 10 years at the Malaysian Bar and I take this chance to  look back and explain why I still enjoy the law.

Why did I study law?

I made the decision to study law very late on. Many of my college mates had already made their university applications while I was still undecided. If I had followed my classmates, I would have likely pursued engineering or a science subject. Instead, with me not being able to decide, I drifted into applying for law. I thought it would offer me the most options after my law degree.

One tutorial's worth of reading at law school
One tutorial’s worth of reading at law school

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