Case Update: Court of Appeal Rules Against Scomi Group Judicial Management Appeal

Today, the Court of Appeal dismissed Scomi Group Bhd’s appeal against the High Court decision dismissing its judicial management application.

As set out earlier, the High Court had ruled on two points when dismissing the judicial management application of Scomi Group Bhd, being a listed company. Continue reading

Case Update: Court Can Grant Interim Measures against Non-Parties to Arbitration

The High Court in Padda Gurtaj Singh and others v Axiata Group Berhad and others (grounds of judgment dated 29 March 2022) granted an interim measure in the form of an injunction against Axiata Group Berhad, a non-party to an arbitration agreement. This was pending the arbitration between the parties to an arbitration agreement.

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Case Update: Liquidator Cannot Grant Sanction for Continuation of Litigation

The High Court in Small Medium Enterprise Development Bank Malaysia Berhad v Oren Venture Sdn Bhd and 3 others (grounds of judgment dated 4 March 2022) decided on the liquidator granting sanction for legal proceedings.

The crucial issue before the Court was whether a liquidator of a wound-up company can issue a sanction, or delegate to another person, the liquidator’s power to bring or defend any action or other legal proceedings in the name and on behalf of the company.

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Case Update: Further Decision That Listed Companies Cannot Apply for Judicial Management

This update is further to the earlier High Court decision in Re Scomi Group Bhd which held that public listed companies cannot apply for judicial management.

Another public listed company, Dolomite Corporation Berhad, has also failed in its judicial management application.

On 8 March 2022, Dolomite announced that the Shah Alam High Court had dismissed its judicial management application. Among others, the Court held that public listed companies are not allowed to apply for judicial management pursuant to section 403(b) of the Companies Act 2016 i.e. being a company subject to the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. Continue reading

Case Update: Owner of US$4.5 Billion in Bitcoins Loses Suit against Bitcoin Developers

The English High Court in Tulip Trading Limited v Bitcoin Association for BSV and others [2022] EWHC 668 (Ch) dealt with interesting cryptocurrency legal issues. This was against a backdrop of a hack resulting in a loss of control of US$4.5 billion in bitcoins.

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Case Update: Singapore Court Grants Persons Unknown Injunction to Freeze Cryptocurrency

The Singapore High Court case in CLM v CLN and others [2022] SGHC 46 is the first reported Singapore decision on the grant of an injunction against persons unknown to freeze cryptocurrency.

The court granted the injunction over the stolen cryptocurrency of approximately 109 bitcoins (BTC) (approximately more than RM17 million in value based on current price of 1 BTC to ~RM160,000) and 1,497 ether (ETH) tokens (approximately more than RM16 million in value based on current 1 ETH to ~RM11,000). Continue reading