Case Update: Owner of US$4.5 Billion in Bitcoins Loses Suit against Bitcoin Developers

The English High Court in Tulip Trading Limited v Bitcoin Association for BSV and others [2022] EWHC 668 (Ch) dealt with interesting cryptocurrency legal issues. This was against a backdrop of a hack resulting in a loss of control of US$4.5 billion in bitcoins.

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Case Update: Singapore Court Grants Persons Unknown Injunction to Freeze Cryptocurrency

The Singapore High Court case in CLM v CLN and others [2022] SGHC 46 is the first reported Singapore decision on the grant of an injunction against persons unknown to freeze cryptocurrency.

The court granted the injunction over the stolen cryptocurrency of approximately 109 bitcoins (BTC) (approximately more than RM17 million in value based on current price of 1 BTC to ~RM160,000) and 1,497 ether (ETH) tokens (approximately more than RM16 million in value based on current 1 ETH to ~RM11,000). Continue reading

Webinar on Practicalities of Enforcement of Crypto-Assets


On Tuesday 12 April 2022, from 2.30pm to 4pm, I will be speaking on a panel discussion organised by the Law Society of Singapore. We will cover the Practicalities of Enforcement of Crypto-assets.

This is open to non-members of the Law Society of Singapore as well. The registration page is here and with the publicity brochure.
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Case Update: Restraining Order Requires Scheme With More than 50% of All Debts

The High Court in Asiabio Capital Sdn Bhd v Seacera Group Bhd [2021] MLJU 2598 (grounds of judgment dated 3 November 2021) has emphasised the mandatory pre-conditions for the grant of a restraining order in a scheme of arrangement.

This short decision touches on the importance of showing that the proposed scheme of arrangement must involve more than half of the total debts of the debtor company.

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Case Update: Proprietary Injunction against Bitcoins Held by Persons Unknown

In the English High Court case of Mr Dollar Bill Limited v Persons Unknown and two others [2021] EWHC 2718 (Ch), the Court granted a proprietary injunction against approximately 3.7 bitcoins (approximately GBP 105,000) and certain discovery orders against the two cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance and Huobi. Continue reading

Webinar on Latest Developments in Company Law: 2021 Review and 2022 Forecast

On Tuesday 25 January 2022, I will be speaking at the CLJ Law webinar on ‘Latest Developments in Company Law: 2021 Review and 2022 Forecast‘.

This is a free webinar but with prior registration. You can register for the Zoom link here.

We will highlight and discuss leading cases and developments in the past year with regards to company law. We will touch on issues significant to directors’ duties, the conduct of meetings, shareholders’ disputes, and other corporate litigation trends.

We will discuss current trends, lessons learnt, and possible developments in company law for 2022.