Feature in The Edge on innovation in the Malaysian legal profession

This week’s edition of The Edge has a feature on legaltech in Malaysia.

The article — titled “Innovation and the legal profession” — features quotes from TheMalaysianLawyer.com’s Marcus van Geyzel, as well as Cherilyn Tan (Asia Law Network), Eric Chin, Fahri Azzat (Fahri & Co and Locum Legalis), and Noemie Alintissar (Future Law Innovation Programme, Singapore Academy of Law).

Here are the quotes from Marcus:

  • “Malaysia is slow, even compared with some countries in the region. We are very much at an early stage of development.”
  • “The legal industry has never been the most innovative, as lawyers tend to be risk-averse and stick to tried and tested ways of doing things where possible.”
  • “Due to the strict stance taken by the Bar Council in recent years, many other legaltech entrepreneurs in the region are reluctant to make their services available in Malaysia. This is a shame. If industry regulators are not playing their role of encouraging development and improvement, then at the very least they should not actively create barriers to innovation.”
  • “The government and regulators can provide basic education to lawyers and the general public on the types of legaltech available. They can host incubators and accelerators to encourage the development and introduction of innovations in the market. They can also offer incentives for the adoption of new technologies.”

The feature also carried a written response from Bar Council President George Varughese, defending the Bar Council’s strong push-back so far on legaltech-related services.

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