FIRE Asia Virtual: Virtual Event Series 29 June to 1 July 2020

I will be chairing one of the events at the inaugural Thought Leaders 4 FIRE (Fraud, Insolvency, Recovery and Enforcement) event. It is the FIRE Asia Virtual 3-day event held on 29 June to 1 July. The topics will cover topics on fraud, asset recovery and insolvency.

You can join as a member and then attend the virtual for free. Sign up here.

Day 1: Adventures around Asia: Assessing Fraud & Insolvency Tactics & Methodologies Across the Region 29th June – BOOK NOW

  • How do Different Countries Deal with Multi-Faceted Types of Fraud
  • Where does the IP go? Locating insolvency proceedings as a result of fraud

Day 2: Warning, Stay Alert 30th June – BOOK NOW

  • Crossroads: The Right Legal Path with Inadequate Information
  • Crucial first few hours

Day 3: Keeping up with The Fraudsters – KUWF 1st July – BOOK NOW

  • Catch me If you Can: What are the Latest Trends and How can FIRE Practitioners Keep Pace
  • Arms Race: How Effective are Other Practical Weapons in Combating Fraud


In particular, I am chairing the event on Day 3 on Keeping up with the Fraudsters on 1 July 2020, from 4.30pm to 7.30pm (Malaysia time). I am very much looking forward to joining the speakers and the participants at this event. I have tested out the webinar platform and it is a very interesting virtual conference platform which also allows for easier virtual networking.


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