Thanks Office Parrots for featuring us!

We are delighted that the team at Office Parrots featured our spanking-new blog so soon after our launch.

They described this blog as “a joint, personal initiative by Marcus van Geyzel and Lee Shih to build a new cornerstone of online content for Malaysian lawyers”.

Quite interestingly, they asked their readers to think of this blog “as a lifestyle blog for the contemporary Malaysian lawyer”!

Read the full feature here.

Also read the rest of their blog and main website for lots of interesting information and insights.

Introducing “The Malaysian Lawyer”

Hello, and welcome to The Malaysian Lawyer!

The Malaysian Lawyer is a collaborative blog by two Malaysian lawyers, Lee Shih and Marcus van Geyzel. This is a personal blog which is not affiliated with their respective law firms.

Lee Shih and Marcus van Geyzel.
Lee Shih and Marcus van Geyzel.

Lee Shih is a partner at Skrine and is a dispute resolution lawyer. Come connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Marcus is the co-founder of corporate law firm Peter Ling & van Geyzel, based in Kuala Lumpur. Find out more and connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

We will be publishing content on a wide range of issues (not just legal), so do keep coming back for more.