Just launched: “Guide to Malaysian Employment Law”

I have always believed that by writing about the law and related topics, I am not only sharing knowledge with others, but also richly expanding and deepening my own understanding of the topics I write about. This is why I have been consistently publishing my legal writings from my early days of practice, going back 18 years now.

Today, we have launched a Guide to Malaysian Employment Law. This Guide will be hosted on a standalone page on The Malaysian Lawyer, and is a one-stop introductory guide to Malaysian employment law, including categorised links to employment law articles I have published on The Malaysian Lawyer.

The topics in the Guide have been selected based on feedback from in-house counsel and HR professionals, and cover the usual high-level background legal information they would like to have on-hand, particularly as professionals from other jurisdictions considering employment issues in Malaysia.

The Guide will be constantly-evolving, and its contents will be updated from time-to-time. Please share the Guide with others who may find it useful, and leave a comment if you have any feedback, or requests or suggestions for other employment law issues that should be covered.

The launch version of the Guide covers the following topics:

  1. General information
  2. Employer legal entity requirements
  3. Pre-employment considerations
  4. Options for engagement
  5. Employment contracts, policies, and other documentation
    • Probationary periods
    • Other employment policies
  1. Minimum wage
  2. Minimum employment rights, and standard terms and conditions
    • Hours of work
    • Overtime payments
    • Public holidays
    • Annual leave
    • Sick leave
    • Maternity leave
    • Paternity leave
    • Minimum retirement age
  1. Data privacy
  2. Employee transfers in sale of assets/business transactions
  3. Termination of employment
    • Termination notice
    • Severance payments
  1. Retrenchment/redundancy
  2. Poor performance dismissals
  3. Mutually-agreed separations
  4. Post-termination restrictions
  5. Unfair dismissal claims

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