A Bird’s-eye View of Drone Regulation in Malaysia

Our guest writer, Jillian Chia, shares her insight on the laws regulating the use of drones in Malaysia. Be aware of these laws.

You place an order for pizza on your smartphone. Minutes later you hear a ‘plop’ on your front lawn. Your pizza arrives! No ring of the doorbell, no pizza delivery man. Your late-night snack has arrived, delivered by an unidentified flying object. No, we are not talking about pizza delivery of an extra-terrestrial kind, but what could become a real possibility in the near future- food delivery by way of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or more commonly known as drones.


The scenario described above is no fiction and has in fact taken place in November 2016 where a couple in Auckland received a Dominos’ peri-peri chicken pizza and a chicken and cranberry pizza by way of drone. Other contemplated uses of drones include package and postal deliveries (such as Amazon Prime Air), provision of internet connection to remote areas and for security purposes (such as a police patrol). Most recently in 2017, Google has also announced its ‘telepresence’ project involving use of drones in office buildings, to conduct virtual meetings.

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