Summary of new SOPs and guidelines for Malaysian workplaces from 1 April 2022

Malaysia today begins its “Transition to Endemic” phase for COVID-19. As mentioned in an earlier update (Malaysia’s updated workplace COVID SOPs from 1 April 2022: Capacity and operating hour limits abolished), there will be only one Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) applicable nationwide for this new phase.

The National Security Council (NSC/MKN) has today released the new SOP and the following guidelines (all available at

  1. Guidelines for indoor work spaces.
  2. Guidelines for outdoor work areas.
  3. Guidelines for religious activities, weddings, and funerals.
  4. Guidelines for hotel and guest accommodations.
  5. Guidelines for events, gatherings, entertainment, and tourist attractions.
  6. Guidelines for sports, recreational, and leisure activities and facilities.
  7. Guidelines for education and childcare.
  8. Guidelines for retail activities, food and beverage.
  9. Guidelines for transport and movement.

SOPs are enforced safety measures, with non-compliance punishable by fines. Meanwhile, the Guidelines serve to illustrate and expand on the requirements in the SOP, and compliance is only encouraged.

This article summarises some of the relevant SOPs and recommended best practices for workplaces generally from 1 April 2022. Business owners/operators and employers should still refer to the SOP document and any applicable guidelines for a comprehensive understanding of the requirements.

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