Law firm job applications and interviews — bootcamp with Office Parrots

On 29 September 2015, I was the featured speaker at a Career Kickstarter Bootcamp, organised by Office Parrots at Brickfields Asia College.

The two-hour event attracted a full-house crowd, made up of students pursuing their law degree and CLP.

Mei Chel, the Office Parrots founder, led the session with a presentation on various aspects of law firm job applications — CVs, cover letters, resumes, and interviews. I was regularly asked to jump in whenever I had some insights to share.

The audience was very participative, and had lots of questions for us during the workshop, and as part of the Q&A session. In fact, we had to cut short the Q&A due to time constraints, but continued to speak to many attendees who stayed back to field post-session queries.

It’s obvious that there was a desire to gather as many tips as possible in light of the increasingly-competitive legal job market.

Based on the many job applications and interviews which I handle for my own firm, many graduates are shockingly poorly-prepared.

I’ll be writing about these issues on The Malaysian Lawyer.

If you have any specific questions for us, please leave a comment below.

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