Delivering a Talk on Resolving Boardroom and Shareholders Disputes

I will be delivering a webinar on Wednesday 10 February 2021 for the Companies Commission of Malaysia. It will be on Resolving Boardroom and Shareholders Disputes. I will also be incorporating the latest company law decisions.

The webinar will include the following topics:

Directors: Lessons Learnt from Boardroom Disputes

  • Directors’ rights and responsibilities.
  • Case studies of common scenarios of disputes among directors and shareholders.
  • Deadlock at board level and disagreements.
  • Removal or suspension of directors.

Decision-making Process: Division between Directors and Shareholders

  • The Federal Court case of Petra Perdana and the lessons learnt.
  • The shareholders’ right of management review.
  • When shareholders’ approval is required.

Shareholder Remedies: The WMDs

  • Winding up on the just and equitable ground when there is a breakdown in relationship.
  • Minority oppression relief.
  • Derivative action by the aggrieved shareholder.
  • Other common legal remedies by shareholders

The Role of Company Secretaries in These Disputes

  • Case studies on the important role of company secretaries in such disputes.
  • The importance of the Guidelines Relating to Practicing Certificate for Secretaries.
  • The duties and responsibilities of company secretaries.

You can read more on the webinar via this form and you can then sign up by emailing [email protected].

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