Marcus on the Actsplore This podcast

TML co-founder Marcus van Geyzel is on the latest episode of the Actsplore This podcast. It’s a casual and wide-ranging conversation, touching on honing your craft, overcoming fear, adopting the right mindset, and — above all — enjoying the ride.

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Branding, reputation, and compatibility with the legal profession — some quick thoughts

This is a compilation of a Twitter thread in which I shared my quick views in response to a post by my friend Fahri Azzat on his blog on branding, reputation, and lawyers: Branding and Reputation. I highly recommend you read his post and subscribe to his blog. You can also read my original thread by clicking here.

A delightful and thought-provoking read, eloquently expressed as always by my buddy Fahri / @LBminion1. And seemingly at odds with his earlier post about the future lawyer and embracing of technology. /1

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Business Development for Lawyers: Building Your Career Beyond Legal Skills

On Saturday 20 October 2018, 10am to 1pm, the Kuala Lumpur Bar Young Lawyers Committee is organising a seminar on Business Development for Lawyers: Building Your Career Beyond Legal Skills. I will be speaking with Foong Cheng Leong at this seminar. The seminar is open to all and the registration fee is only RM30. You can sign up at the event page here.

We will share our own business development experience and tips. Topics covered will include building your practice as a young lawyer, getting your first client and expanding your clientele, client management, and utilising social media.


10 lessons from my 10-year eLawyer entrepreneurship journey

Eddie Law entrepreneurship

Valuable insights from guest writer Eddie Law, as he reflects on his 10-year entrepreneurship journey with eLawyer.

10 years ago, I was going through a challenging period in my legal career. One interviewer even bluntly said to me: “You change jobs like people change clothes”. Although I was very committed and worked hard, my career somehow was not going the way I wanted. I was in a state of despair, and kept asking God where I should go, and what I should do. I was upset, and felt lost.

I experienced a period of not having a stable full-time job. In the “extra free time” that I had, I started reading about e-commerce, blogging, and online businesses. I was fascinated with the power of the internet and the endless possibilities it offered. I started my own blog and exploring what opportunties there were online.

One day, the idea came to me to build a website as an online resource for Malaysian lawyers — this was how was born, in November 2007!

To mark the 10-year anniversary of the launch of eLawyer (my co-founder was another tech entrepreneur, Larry Lam), I would like to share 10 things I have learned over this decade-long entrepreneurship journey:

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