Top 20 Most-Followed Malaysian Law Firms on LinkedIn: 2021

In September 2019, we featured the Malaysian law firms active on LinkedIn. The list in 2019 covered less than 10 law firms.

Two years later, we have seen a big growth in the numbers and followers on Malaysian law firm LinkedIn pages. From a search across LinkedIn, we have seen close to 80 law firms with LinkedIn pages. There is also a large increase in the number of Malaysian lawyers starting their LinkedIn accounts. All these factors showcase the strength of LinkedIn as a networking and professional social network.

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Marcus on the Actsplore This podcast

TML co-founder Marcus van Geyzel is on the latest episode of the Actsplore This podcast. It’s a casual and wide-ranging conversation, touching on honing your craft, overcoming fear, adopting the right mindset, and — above all — enjoying the ride.

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Bar Council finally reverses its own ban; allows law firms to use virtual offices

Malaysia’s Bar Council (“BC”) today announced, via Circular 324/2021 to its members, that after more than six years, it is finally reversing its own ban on law firms operating via virtual offices.

This issue first arose in March 2015, when the BC suddenly issued a Circular immediately banning lawyers from practising through virtual offices. The BC asked lawyers to “cease such operations with immediate effect” and warned that “the Bar Council may take disciplinary action against lawyers who are reported to be operating through virtual offices”. The ban was put on hold temporarily as a group of lawyers requested a discussion with the Legal Practice Committee, but in August 2015 the BC made a firm decision to ban the practice.

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The Rise of the Specialist Litigation Firms

This article traces the trend of specialist boutique disputes firms. This will cover some examples from the UK, Singapore and Malaysia. This article sets out some trends and how boutique disputes firms are also establishing their foothold in the market.

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Law Firms in Malaysia Face Tight Cashflow and May Downsize

Law firms in Malaysia are facing challenging times. Based on the recently released Bar Council survey results on 5 June 2020 (report available from the Malaysian Bar website to members only), almost half of the law firms replied that they would be downsizing, closing their law practice or ceasing practice. Close to 60% of the law firms responded that they were not intending to hire due to financial issues from the movement control / COVID-19.

I highlight the key points from the Bar Council survey from the perspective of hiring trends moving ahead.
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Largest Law Firms in Malaysia 2019: Domestic and Foreign Firms

Last year, we featured the largest law firms in Malaysia. We continue with this feature this year and update the numbers for 2019. We total up the number of lawyers of each law firm, including the firm’s branch offices.

In summary, the largest law firm in Malaysia is Zaid Ibrahim & Co with 160 lawyers, spread across offices in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru and Kota Bahru. In joint second are Skrine and Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill with 126 lawyers.

The headcount is based on the Malaysian Bar directory listing at the time of writing. All images are from the firms’ website. Continue reading