Draw your own map

Sometimes, you need to ignore what the world tells you.

The world — family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and people you may never speak to more than once — often have good intentions, but most of them speak the language of conformity.

Of the known.

Of their knowns.

Often, to the world, the best path is the path they themselves took. As if life was that simple, that dull — everyone taking the same path.

The life ahead of you is unknown, and limitless. Whatever the world tells you is, at best, an educated guess.

Listen, learn, absorb, process, refine and retain the useful bits — but then quickly ignore the world and make your own decisions. Decide for yourself, or set about figuring it out.

So listen, lend a respectful ear to those who tell you that what you want to do can’t be done. Then ignore them, and do it anyway.

You don’t need to refer to a detailed map. A completed map represents someone else’s path.

Use your own compass — calibrated based on your passions, ideas, values, character, intellect, experiences — and chart your own course.

Draw your own map.


4 thoughts on “Draw your own map

  1. Zin Huey 15 December 2015 / 12:42 pm

    This is an effective piece of writing. It is inspirational.

    A thought of mine; the world or the people might at some point of time, find one’s path fairly strange that not many are walking, but hey look, be brave and walk your own path. It is never easy, but when you start to break free from all the “should do’s”, new path is revealed. Travel the road less travelled.

    Thank you Marcus.

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