Announcing my new book “Law for Startups”—available in all major bookstores!


I’m delighted to announce that my new book Law for Startups: What You Need to Know When Starting a Business will be available in all major bookstores from January 2017.

I’ve worked very hard together with my publisher, MPH Group Publishing, on this book throughout 2016, and the entire process—from ideation, to securing the publishing deal, writing the manuscript and sending it through the rigorous editorial process, through to the book design resulting in the end product that will be in stores—took less than a year.

The book writing and publishing process has been a real eye-opener and learning experience for me, and I’m very grateful to the team at MPH who have been excellent throughout the process—with particular appreciation to Oon Yeoh, Kuah Sze Mei, and Lilian Ng, who have very patiently explained how things work to this first-time author! The editorial team went through my manuscript with a fine-tooth comb numerous times, making several useful suggestions and edits.

The first of its kind in the Malaysian market, Law for Startups is essential reading for entrepreneurs planning on starting a business to introduce their ideas to the world, or those who already have an early-stage startup with plans to grow their business even more.

Law for Startups is intentionally written to be easy for non-lawyers to read and gain a practical understanding of the most relevant legal concepts. The topics covered in the book have been specifically selected as being most relevant to entry-level startups, including—

  • why you need a lawyer, and how to engage a good one;
  • the right approach to legal matters;
  • how to choose the best business vehicle;
  • the basics of company law, including the relevant changes to the Companies Act in 2017;
  • understanding a typical term sheet and shareholders agreement;
  • fundamental employment law; and
  • common legal issues faced by entrepreneurs.

Law for Startups will be retailing for RM30.00, and you will be able to get a copy at most major bookstores in Malaysia, including Borders, Kinokuniya, and MPH.

[This post will be updated below to include links to purchase the book on online webstores as well as features or reviews as they become available.]

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  1. Johny Lim 16 January, 2017 / 11:18 am

    Just placed an order on Kinokuniya Online.

    So happened I’m also in the service to offer advisory to SMEs, hope we can have a chance to work together in near future.

  2. Dr.Mohammad Ali Chowdhury 2 March, 2017 / 12:01 pm

    I wish to start a SME business in Malaysia

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