Top 5 Articles on The Malaysian Lawyer in 2020

We end the year by looking back at the most-read articles on The Malaysian Lawyer in the year 2020. Thank you to the readers for all the support and for dropping by this site of ours.

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Featured below are our five most-read articles in 2020. Perhaps consistent with the challenging times of 2020, four out of the five articles deal with some form of closing down or retrenchment  

#5: Airbus Bribery Case Study: Six Corporate Liability Lessons for Malaysian Companies

With corporate liability introduced in Malaysia on 1 June 2020, this article set out six cautionary lessons for Malaysian companies and their management. We could learn from the Airbus US$4 billion settlement for bribery involving authorities from the UK, France and the United States of America.


#4: Closing Down a Company: Winding Up Law in Malaysia

This winding up law article was first published in February 2016 and updated in January 2020. This article has steady stream of readers every month, and with a long list of questions and answers in the comments section.


#3: Retrenchments in Malaysia – some recent cases

A retrenchment article from May 2020, Marcus had written this in the midst of the movement control restrictions and COVID-19. Marcus set out brief summaries of a selection of retrenchment-related decisions by the Industrial Court in the past year. We get to analyse how other businesses have implemented retrenchments (both properly and improperly).


#2: Law Firms in Malaysia Face Tight Cashflow and May Downsize

Lee Shih wrote this article in June 2020. This came right off the back of the results of the Malaysia Bar Council survey results. Almost half of the law firms replied that they would be downsizing, closing their law practice or ceasing practice. Close to 60% of the law firms responded that they were not intending to hire due to financial issues from the movement control / COVID-19.


#1: What You Need to Know About the Law on Retrenchments of Employees

Marcus wrote this retrenchment article all the way back in January 2016 and the article will get constant views every single month. The article sets out an overview on the law related to retrenchments. As an employer, when can I retrench employees? Am I free to choose which employees to let go? How much do I have to pay them as severance? As an employee, what are my rights? Can I challenge a retrenchment?


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