Appearance on Bloomberg TV: Suits meets The Newsroom

Bloomberg Malaysia came across my earlier TML post on the Companies Bill and invited me on their show  to have a short chat. I was a bit nervous leading up to it, with it being my first TV interview. But I am glad I got to share my views on the new Bill.

I spoke about how the new laws would transform the corporate landscape, spur entrepreneurship and also strengthen corporate governance.


That whole experience felt a bit like Suits meets The Newsroom. A lawyer getting a small glimpse into the inner workings of a news studio.


Bloomberg has also uploaded the clip on their YouTube channel and you can view it below.

The interview was arranged when Bloomberg contacted me on the same day The Malaysia Lawyer article went up. There was a lot of interest in finding out more about the Companies Bill. I was invited to speak on Bloomberg’s Moving Malaysia segment, aired from 6pm-7pm on weekdays.

Bloomberg Malaysia's anchor, Sophie Kamaruddin (image from
Bloomberg Malaysia’s anchor, Sophie Kamaruddin (image from

On Monday 11 April, I visited Bloomberg’s studio located at The Strand Encorp in Kota Damansara. Bloomberg in Malaysia is still relatively young. Their office was opened in April 2015 and they started broadcasting from this Malaysian studio since around June 2015.

In Bloomberg’s waiting area


I arrived at 5pm and waited for the 6pm slot to start. The producers met up with me briefly to set up my clip-on microphone. I did have a phone call with the producer beforehand where he asked me a few questions about the general areas of the Companies Bill. I would not get any prepared questions before the show. So the Bloomberg team has quite a lot of confident that their guests won’t mess up or freeze in front of the camera.

Game face on. Not sure what to expect next during the show.
Game face on. Not sure what to expect next during the show.


I was then ushered into the studio proper at around 5.50pm. The crew was busy with all the preparations before the show went live at 6pm.

Final preparations for the show.
Final preparations before the show went live.


It was actually a bit overwhelming being in the studio itself.  Cables snaking over the floor and with three cameras being rolled and wheeled around. The crew moving tables and sets like a very well-oiled machine. It was impressive all of the work that went on behind the camera, even while the cameras were rolling.

I was slotted in for the first segment of the show. So they briefed me that they would be moving the standing table in front of the backdrop and that I was to stand at the table before the cameras panned back to the anchor, Sophie Kamaruddin, and myself.

So I stand there, while the show is running its news video clips and Sophie is still giving a voice-over for the news. Just like you see in the movies, the cameras will have the script moving up along the screen to aid the anchor’s voice-over when reading out the news.


While standing there waiting for our segment to start, I have three cameras pointed in our general direction. I am then left wondering, “Do I look into one of the cameras or do I look at Sophie when I speak later?” In the end, I do look at Sophie and trying to engage as normal conversation as possible.

I find it far easier to do public speaking at a talk or a conference, compared with speaking at a TV interview. Perhaps it is also down to experience. It is the lights, the cameras being so close, the unfamiliar surroundings and the up-close-and-personal talk with the interviewer.

I am grateful to have friends (e.g. Marcus) taking a lot of screenshots of the show and sending them on to me.



I had an enjoyable time chatting with the producer after that, just to learn more about Bloomberg and the show. Thanks Bloomberg Malaysia for the experience.


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