Barrister Chambers Takes Out Persons Unknown Injunction against Hackers

The barrister chambers of 4 New Square have obtained a persons unknown injunction against the unknown hackers who engaged in a cyber-attack on them on 12 June 2021. See this article from the UK Law Society Gazette.

It seems that these unknown hackers managed to hack into the computer system. It may be a case where data was stolen and the hackers are threatening to release the stolen data.

It may also be a ransomware attack, where the software will encrypt the targeted network and a ransom has to be paid before the network will be decrypted through the hacker’s software. Here, it may even be an incident of a double extortion ransomware. A second ransom must be paid so that the stolen data is not published. See this other article on The Register.

A copy of the 4 New Square persons unknown injunction order can be accessed here.

The Defendant is defined as “Person or Persons Unknown responsible for engaging in a cyber-attack on the Applicants on or about 12 June 2021 and/or who is threatening to release the information thereby obtained”.

The key injunction term is set out as:

Until Friday 9 July 2021 (the Return Date) the Defendant must not:

(a) use, publish or communicate or disclose to any other person (other than (i) by way of disclosure to legal advisers instructed in relation to these proceedings (the Defendant’s legal advisers) for the purpose of obtaining legal advice in relation to these proceedings or (ii) for the purpose of carrying this Order into effect) all or any part of the information referred to in Confidential Schedule 2 to this Order (the Information).


You can read more about the persons unknown injunction and the related Spartacus self-identification order here:

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